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Ammalu is always right

“Ammini called now”
“Oh, that would have been to thank me for the Kerala sari I gifted to her for Vishu. Did she wear it?”
“She did, of course”
“She liked the sari?”
“She did. More than her liking the wear, the sari liked her!
It refuses to part with her body! How many times haven’t I told you to consult me before you make any purchase?”
” I can’t consult you on each and every matter”
“That is true. What type of sari did you ask for?”
“I told Chettiar the sari should exactly fit and there should be no bumps or cramps or waves. He said that he was providing me a unique piece. In fact, he said he would fabricate a special one and supplied me the next day”
“He did keep up his word! He has added some magnetic fibre to the cotton threads and specially wove the sari to fit the body exactly. It got stuck with her body and is not coming out”
“Ammalu, it is the magnetism in Ammini that is attracting the sari, as it has glittering borders made of silver”
“‘Ammini has magnet in her eyes’, you used to say. You never told me that her body too is magnetic. The phone rings . It is Ammini’s call again. What should I tell her?”
“Ammini claims that her husband Nair is a man of steel. Ask her to take Nair’s help. He will go near and get stuck. Let them roll on the ground. We both will go and enjoy the sight”
“Tell me the truth. Did you buy my sari too from the same Chettiar shop? You too claim that you are a man of steel!”

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