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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, when I walk towards the Vishukani, closing my eyes, my sight has improved nowadays”

“Sight, with closed eyes?”

”You started arguing right from the New Year dawn ! Now on, the whole year, you will continue with such useless, merit-less, value-less arguments”

“When you shut your eyes, you are sightless temporarily. One doesn’t need a University degree and three PG diplomas to say that, to know that”
“Ammalu, the problem with you is, that before I complete a sentence, you intervene unnecessarily.I wanted to say that,compared to last year, I am now able to walk more confidently, when I shut my eyes”
“Oh, there are two reasons:
1.I am holding your hand more firmly now as you have added one year to your age since the last Vishu.
2.This year, the power cuts were for longer duration and your system is better tuned now to walk in darkness”
“The second point I agree to. Regarding the first point, I have a small query: Has your age come down now by one year, since the last Vishu, madam?”
”It has, in fact. When I have a husband like you, nothing goes up, including my age”
“What other Vishukaineettam do you need, my queen! Come and hold both hands firm. Let us dance and celebrate the Vishu.”
“Power cut?”

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