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Thought waves, some heavy, some light

‘ Many’-should not be allowed to become ‘too many’. Anything, money, property, friends, everything should be within the manageable limit, including your attachment to close relatives. That helps in the long run, when a load shedding becomes necessary. Load shedding is unavoidable one day or the other, for any one, including you and me.

Women are selfish. They worry only about their husbands and not others’ husbands.

Men are less selfish. They admire others’ wives more than their own wives.
There is a joy in telling others that you are more knowledgeable than many others- I’m talking about men.

There is a joy in hearing that you are more beautiful than any other, in the neighborhood–I’m talking about women.

There is a joy in hearing that you don’t look your age and in fact look much younger than others of your age — I’m talking about old people.

There is a joy in hearing that your child is very naughty – I’m talking about parents..
There is a joy in feeling that ‘I have done my job in this world; let me quit’- i’m talking about myself, but it is a joke!
There are many outdated, unwanted stuff in our thoughts- People, their behavior, your behavior, their words, your words and so on. Those are waste materials, which serve no purpose and in fact blocks the entry of fresh air.
Anything which blocks flow of fresh air into the mind should be completely removed .
Not an easy task, but worth trying.
Trash removal is done regularly for a healthy living.
Forgetfulness is a part of old age. Many even forget their names. But none,their wife’s.
Not because of fear, but out of necessity. Husbands are shrewd! Wives know that!
“Concentrate on the road, when you are driving.
Concentrate on the key board, when you are typing.
Concentrate on your diet if your belly is blotting.
Concentrate on your children’s friends and habits, when they are growing
Concentrate on your husband if he talks like a Sanyasi or a philosopher
Always concentrate on your wife to lead a happy life”
‘”When do I concentrate on God, SP?”
“That only God can tell you. I assure you, He will tell you at the appropriate time”
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