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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, hurry up. Nair and Ammini are fighting like snake and mongoose. Let us go and watch the fun”
“Did one of them inform you?”
”How will they inform ? Pattabhi told me a moment ago. Let us go and settle their dispute”
Ideal time to switch on the iPad video
“You think you can do that? You want to do that? Aren’t you  really interested in seeing them continue the fight till you are hungry and wants to return home?”
”What you think about me ? Are you my wife or my school teacher? Who gave you the right to question me? Is it that nine yards non-stop speaker- box, your mom?”
“Pause. I will get the iPad and switch on the video. We can enjoy the fun sitting in our living room. Why go to Ammini’s house?”
“Ammalu, we are not fighting . This is the normal conversation between a loving husband and his wife.( I don’t know whether the wife is loving or not”)
‘What do you mean? Only your love is love and my care, consideration, affection, attachment to you are all waste? When will you change? Will you change at all?
Put me in the bus going to my mom’s house. I w’ll live like a queen there”
“Pause. Now you can get the iPad and press the video switch on”
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