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Which Appu you are talking about?

‘”I’m sure that you know our Sivasubramanian Perinkulam, known as SP”
“Is he a collector or magistrate for me to know? How are you so sure?”
”Living in USA now with his children, worked in Hyderabad, writes stories. Many of the graama(village) people know him”
“What is his nickname in the graamam?”
”You should have said that first. Who doesn’t know our Appu, here? As children,we used to play kottiyum pullum right on that corner, see straight there, behind the kolam, pond. He loves a familiar cinema song which we used to sing together. Shall I sing that for you now?”
“No please; We’ll have it on another occasion”
“Appu had a love affair in the village, when he was young. I’m sure that you will be interested in hearing that”
“No, Sir. This is certainly not the ideal time to hear love stories. I’ m in hurry now”
” Why are you in such a great hurry? Come inside the house; I will get you some sambaram (diluted butter milk).
“Thank you Sir, I have to catch the next bus and reach before the Shabari Express leaves Palakkad junction. If you don’t mind can you accompany me to the Station and help me to identify Appu ?  He owes me some money though I haven’t met him so far”
”Which Appu you are talking about? There are a hundred Appus in this village alone and there are 96 villages around Palakkad.”
Jan24, 2014


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  1. Ho HO hO,
    If he was born in USA he might be the next President?

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