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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, God came in my dream last night and said, ‘you are the master of your house and NOT Ammalu. Convey this message to her”. I am hereby conveying the message of God; the rest, up to you”
“The God came in my dream too and gave the same message. Here is my first demand notice. Rs. 48, 50,000 for the 40 years, 4months and 15 days I have served you. This is towards my fees for cooking, cleaning vessels, washing clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping and other house maintenance activities @ 1 lac per annum. The other charges mainly bringing out your children, raising them up etc is being calculated by my auditor and I will let you know the amount in due course. Once you settle my dues, I won’t stay a minute more in this house. You can look for another woman.”
“The God, before leaving, also told me, “SP, don’t take my words serious. I was joking . As a matter of policy, the Heaven don’t allow a husband to be the master in his own house. He would have told you too the same, try to recollect, Ammalu”
”He didn’t”
”That is OK. You got the message now from me. Bye the by, did He teach you the Multiplication table? Your calculation is so accurate”
“To manage a husband like you, why only multiplication? I have to learn many more applications”

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