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Ammalu is always right

”You seems to be restless; what is the matter?””Ammalu, a couple of young women who had worked as interns under judges for 3 or 30 days, have complained after 3 years that the judges misbehaved with them. While in Service, several young women had worked under me, as you know. Suppose a  former colleague of mine, for 30 years,  complain to you now that I pinched her at a wrong place, what will be your reaction?”
” You retired from service long, long ago; why are you worried about that pinch now?”
”Ammalu, some words are immortal; some pinches too.”
”Which words of mine are you talking about?”
”Your words, all,  suffered child mortality. I am talking about your pinches?”
‘Which pinch of mine are you now talking about?”
”Your first one, some 40 years ago.”
” I am glad that you have not so far filed a law suit against me. Now come out with the truth. Did any one threaten you now?”
“Not yet. But I should know your mind, in case that happens. What will you tell her?”
”I will tell her:  “you are lucky, compared to me. Your problem ended with the retirement of your boss.”
“Ammalu, that is changing the table!”
”May be, but your chair is safe”
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