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Ammalu is always right

” Ammalu, I am so happy that our friend Pattabhi’s life has taken a turn for good. He has become so God-loving and spiritual that he visits temple at least thrice in the morning and thrice in the evening”
“‘If the temple is opened during noon, I assure you, he will make another three visits”
“What a sudden change! I wish I could become like him”
” You can, I assure you. I will ask my mom to come here and you too will become a temple dove like your friend”
” Say so!  His mother in law has come from the village!”
”Remember one thing. If an old man visits temples frequently, either he has lost faith in himself or his mother in law has come to stay with him.”
“If a young man does so?”
“His wife has gone to her mom’s house and he visits the temple to thank God again and again”

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