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Ammalu is always right

”Ammalu, our Vijay asks,’Is it not time to share with your friends the secret of your youthfulness?’”
“What did you reply?”
”I told him, ‘Ammalu keeps me nagging throughout the day, which keeps me awake and active. He was happy with my answer. Then he asked, ‘what is the secret of Ammalu’s youthfulness?’ I replied, ‘ I keep her nagging throughout night and that keeps her young and elated'”
”Was he happy with your reply?”
“He was, but not his wife. She will call you soon”
”She has already called and asked me to keep you locked in your bedroom at night and keep the key with me”
” What about your nagging me throughout the day?”
”That is just to keep you young, as admitted by you and appreciated by Vijay”
”But without my nagging, how can you retain your youthfulness?”
” We, women have a hundred other ways, whereas you men have only one.”

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