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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, I prostrate before your mother, as she is a mother in law and all mothers in law are venerable. She is your mother, which means she is my mother in law and therefore all the more venerable. But, if you expect me to fall at your feet, as you are the daughter of my mother in law, you are wrong; you are insulting me. You are ignoring my studies. You are ignoring my status in the society ”
” Words, words, words and nothing else.  Come to the point if you have any and tell in a few words”
“OK, Here is my point. Why did you ask me to bend before you?”
” For adjusting the lower edges of my sari”
”Why me and not you?”
”I have a back pain. Do it fast please. I have adjusted the camera timer”
”Why camera?”
“Our club is bringing out a magazine for Vishu and we want a cover- picture. My friends say that you have the ideal photogenic face for that ”
”Then click my face. Why the back of my head?”
”Your brain is there. My friends say that your brain is indomitable”
”Why should you friends say all. Why don’t you, on your own, say something?”
” I will be proud if my friends see you adjusting the lower edges of my sari”
”Go ahead. Reset the camera timer”
Jan 03, 2014

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