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Ammalu is always right

“Happy New Year, Ammalu. My New Year vow- not to waste my time talking to you.”
”I can’t ask for a better New Year gift from you. Thank you. Happy New Year”
“Now it is not me but my new discovery that  is talking to you; my science is talking to you”
” I don’t talk to strangers”
”Ammalu , this pertains to you; You have to hear. There is a hole in your intelligence!”
”Is that your new discovery?”
“It is, it is”
”Thank you for another New Year Gift. You admit that I am intelligent!”
”But, what about the hole?”
”Who cares? As such, there are so many holes on the body. Let there be one more.”
” The other holes have some purpose. The new one I discovered is a vacuum. How do I explain to you? Soonyam”
” Oh, then the matter is serious. When I started from my house along with you, over thirty years ago, there were holes only on my body, like anyone else. The new hole is the result of your drilling your ideas into my head all these years. What a pity! What a waste of labor! Your indisputable knowledge and irresistible efforts in channeling that knowledge into my head could only result in the creation of a vacuum! How do I explain? Soonyam!”

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