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Nandi's prayer before an abandoned shrine

The duty assigned to me is to be here, facing you and I have been doing my job sincerely.
I hardly see any devotees turning up theses days, may be because your shrine is battered by weather and bears the scars of aging.
But, the deterioration is only for the house and not  for the Great one housed in. Why are men not realizing this?
But, thinking in larger perspective, if no devotees enter this premises, why should you be here at all, my God! And why me too, without you?
When severe rain and sun batter me and I hear no bell ringing, no melody of hymns flow from your sanctum, no flowers and drops of water fall on my head,  and  you remain in long silence ( may be in meditation), my dirty mind even goes to the extend of doubting your very presence inside.

You are there, I believe that you are there. Stones do not move, but Gods should.

Let us  move Mahadeva, move from here.  This is not the place for us. Let us go back to our snowy heights.

2 thoughts on “Nandi's prayer before an abandoned shrine

  1. Mama liked your Navaratri musing!
    Depressing sight.
    This is the state of Dharma in our Bharat today.
    What a pity!
    Where are the worshippers?Where is the Bilva vriksham & mandaara pushpam?
    How can such a beautiful Shivalayam lie in such utter desolation?
    Do we hear sad whispers from the grand old Nandi?
    What do the desecrated stone walls have to say?
    Shiva the Trilochani is witness to all that is going on but is unperturbed.
    Nothing vaccilates Him.
    Or do you think He will open His third Eye and become the Destroyer?
    For now He is eloquently silent guiding us to carry on in this Kaliyuga!
    On Namah Shivaya!

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