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Ammalu is always right

  • ” Ammalu, what is that ‘tub’,’tub’ noise from Pattabhi’s house ?”” He is washing clothes by beating on a stone “”Kyom ?””Pattu gave him a punishment for telling a small lie “” He never tells small lies. What was that ?”
    ” He told his wife,’ I love you ”’
    ” My friend would have mistook Pattu for someone else. Long ago I asked him to get his cataract removed. Anyway, you don’t go near him. He might tell you the same ”


”If you won’t mistake me,  Ammalu manni, I will reveal a secret about my classmate, SP””Go ahead; let me know what you know about my husband, more than I do””SP is a gentleman”” That is an undisputed fact which I am hearing from him, every morning and evening.
If that is all what you know about him, let me continue with my routine”‘”One more thing. He never used to raise his head when any girl student came across”
” How long did you study together?”
”Four years. in GVC Palakkad”
”I know him for the past 40 years and I believe every word of yours .
Even now he doesn’t raise his head while doing any mischief”
” Ammalu, a good news. The Goddess came in my dream last night and praised me. The level of my punyams due to the Navaratri poojas, has gone up and unfortunately, yours has come done. Poor thing, I pity you ”
”Thanks for telling me that. From this evening onwards no chundal, no payasam, no vadai for Ambal. I will shut the kitchen door, sit near you and share your punyams”
“Ammalu, aren’t you Ambal in human form, as Devi told me in my dream?. Let the kitchen doors remain open. Punyams will directly flow from our kolu to you.”

” Why stand here? For men, it is the other other side “”I went there  Ammalu; it is written: Gentlemen””You got doubt whether you are a gentleman or not ?””I am a 100% gentleman since I met you”” Great! You have been a gentleman for 40 years, a rare qualification for any man.
Please enter  that restroom, holding your head high”

“Ammalu, see that couple before us, walking hand in hand, laughing and shaking their body. I envy them”
“I can’t shake my body lest I might slip and fall and you can’t lift me. I can’t laugh also unnecessarily. But if it will please you, I can scratch your lower back, as we see youngsters doing here in public places. Shall I do?”
“Crazy woman. Don’t bring your hand any where near me, back or front!”
” If I sneeze, why should you rub YOUR nose?”
” Ammalu my eyes and ears are controlled by the aiding gadgets and mouth by you. Nose is the only things under my sovereignty. Should I not protect it? If I lose it, how will I identify you and your presence? “
” I understand that logic and am glad  that you are still in the process of identifying.”
===================================================================================”When you go for a walk , I address the lady accompanying you, ‘aunty’. What will be the reaction if it were Ammalu/Ammini?”” If it were Ammini, she will scream, ‘poi nintae baryayae aunty ennu vilikkada! -Get lost and call your wife, ‘aunty’.
Ammalu, will smile and say, ”uncle watch  your foot steps till you have your eye-glasses”

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