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Navaratri musing

” Sarvadapaani charanae, sarvodokshi siro mukhae,
Sarvadasravana khraanae, Narayani, namosthuthae”
The A wonderful image of the Paraskathi for meditation.
Recall the’ Sahasraseersha purusha: sahsrakksha saharapaad’ image of the Supreme Purusha:
“Anekha bahoodara vaktra nethram –‘ of the Viswaroopam in the Bagavath Gita.
Such a Universal Supreme Force, we are trying to confine into small idols, during the Navaratri festival and worship, as our power of imagination is limited.
Transcending time and space, the Universal mother , stands above and beyond everything in the world but at the same time, abides in every moving and unmoving thing, nay SHE IS every moving and unmoving thing.
Let us worship Her in small or big statues at home or in  temples, but also  look at the vast sky, crowding clouds, shining sun, moon and stars and try to see the Viswaroopam .
When we realize that verily we are a part of THAT, nay, WE ARE THAT, we achieve the purpose of our life.

2 thoughts on “Navaratri musing

  1. Parama Satyam!
    A VERY SHUBHA NAVARATRI to everyone!
    May Her SHAKTI remove all manner of darkness within and without!

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