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When the Baltimore sun becomes weak

Maples and mulberries are losing their sheen
Oaks and pines are watching the scene
How the all- powerful Sun is getting weak?
How the noisy, busy wind is turning meek?
How fortune changes like a celluloid show!
Where those sharp arrows from the golden bow?
Where the vagabond winds’s trumpet blow?
Where the birds, bees and flies, the Nature’s glow?
Mother Earth, consoles the trees with compassion:
”Wait a few days, a new scheme is in motion
The sky and wind are weaving shawls in great passion
To greet and honor you for your contribution.
How generous were you in providing
Food and Shelter for the crawling and flying!
The felicitation will start soon; colors are vying
Golden yellow, red, purple, the stars are dyeing.
I hate to discourage you, but truth has to be told
Nothing lasts long, you will shed those clothes of gold
Stand naked like a hermit, do penance and become bold
To face the onslaught of the snow and extreme cold.
Ah, then arrives  His Highness, the Emperor  of the heaven
In his golden chariot drawn by speeding steeds seven
The celestial hands rip your pricking snow needle cover
Then he wraps you with fresh leafage, like a lover
Lose one and get another, that is Nature’s law bounden
You will lose even your trunk, when it becomes a burden
But will be back again and like me, round around our warden.
As there is no end, only bend, for the daily dance in this garden”

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