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Ammalu is always right

” ‘You are too modern, Ammalu is too conservative’, say my friends”
”No problem, SP. I will change in a jiffy”
” SP ? Jiffy?  What language is this Ammalu?”
”The first lesson in modernism . Shall we go to the next?”
” Let us remain illiterates but live in peace and dignity”
”Your friends?”
”I will tackle them”


” I bought this paper-back on basic English literature for you Ammalu, as you won’t be able to digest the thick bound volumes in my library.”
” ‘The most wretched and frail of all creatures is man, and withal the proudest. He feels and sees himself lodged in the dirt and filth of the world, nailed and riveted to the worst and deadliest part of the universe in the lowest story of the house, and most remote from the heavenly arch, with animals of the worst conditions of the three, and yet in his imagination will be placing himself above the circle of the moon, and bringing heaven under his feet'”You know, my beloved husband, who said that and if not , refer to the thick volumes in your library. And then, this:
Oh, man, you may fly high, high and high and grab the moon to decorate your crown, but,  my beloved man, don’t try to pull down the heaven and spread it below your feet. For, I am that heaven that nourishes you, that gives you shine and rain”
”That second part I understood, Ammalu”

“I often wonder how I remain happy and healthy despite a married life lasting more than three decades, Ammalu””Simple: Healthy because of my food and happy because I don’t ask you to make that food”
“Was it my round face or renowned scholarship, which attracted you Ammalu, to chose me as your husband?”
” 1.Even if your face were square, our wedding would have taken place.
   2. I didn’t choose you , you didn’t choose me ; our parents chose, we got married.
  3. I enjoyed you scholarship when you spoke to me in Sanskrit at our very first meet and others too would have enjoyed as they    knew    how bankrupt  I was in that language. In fact that was the best of your talks, till now,  I enjoyed most”

“It was a golden era, when wives used to receive husbands , returning home, at the front door, make them sit comfortably on a raised platform, wash their feet with clean water, apply sandal paste and worship with flowers. Hei, where are you going Ammalu?”
”To get clear water, sandal paste and flowers”
”That is OK, you can do it next time. Now you just address me respectfully”
” By your name as in the passport?”
”Oh, that will be tiresome for you. You can use a shorter version”
”SP Sir, as Ammini calls you?”
” You are not Ammini and that is too formal”
”Just SP ?’
“You are not my classmate”
“Natha! following the heroins of the epics ?”
”Then tell me then, how I should address you”
”Considering all the other options, I feel that the way you address me now is the best”
“Thank you ; that was how your and mine mothers and grand mothers and their mothers and grandmothers used to address their husbands”
”Will you stop that nonsense? Serve food please.”
”Clear water, sandal paste and flowers?”
”Pour on my head. You naughty woman. Hunger is eating my intestine”

konjam common sense kammi
” Ammalu, three days, just three days after we were married, I realized the greatness of God in match-making. How He had found a receptacle to pour my  over-flowing intelligence and  accumulated wisdom!”
“For me it took less than an hour to realize God’s match-making skill. On the eve of our wedding, when we met for the first time, without any introduction, you straightaway, gave a lecture about your assumed adventures with unborn girls in your college .My mother was taken back and  whispered into my ears, ” are you sure you can handle this guy?”
I replied, ” I can Amma, konjam commonsense kammi- commonsense is wanting and I can load him with that.”
” Can I sit here in the kitchen watching the beauty of your handling big and small utensils, Ammalu?”
”Certainly no, my dear husband,  If you want me to cook for the Uthradam feast for your dozen friends.”
“I actually came here for–”
“Tell me in one word what you want, please”
” Excuse me, say  again.”

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