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Ammalu is always right (contd)

“I was casually going thorough an old ledger and found that a sum of Rs. 500.00, promised by your father, towards dowry is still
outstanding. I am mentioning this just casually, Ammalu. ”
” You have seen only one side of the register. In the next page there is a debit entry of Rs. 4500.00 . When none from South Malabar, North Malabar, Cochi and Travancore came forward to give you a girl, Appa, considering our relationship with your family, agreed for our wedding. Overjoyed, Our Appa, your dad, instantly handed over Rs. 5000.00 to my dad. Then Appa said, “your son, probably without your knowledge, had asked for a dowry of Rs. 500.00, which I am retuning from the amount you have given now.”
This explains that RS. 4500 .00 debit entry, in case you are not aware of it.”
“Ammalu, I am really surprised. Never expected you to talk so much and so eloquently.”
“When it is the question of saving the parental prestige, even a dumb woman will become eloquent”
“Dumb, of course, dumb! You are a bomb,  Ammalu, bomb!”

”It is raining cats and dogs. I can’t go out. Shall I sing to entertain you, Ammalu?”” I am delighted. However, have some urgent work with Ammini; will be back soon”
” Ammini called just now to inform that Nair is singing and she is heading towards our house”
”What else will the poor wives do if the husbands fail to choose better entertainments, while the weather is conducive !”
Hei,wait a minute! You suggest we play chest?”
”No, football!”

“Onasadya was adipoli. Everyone praised me for my skill in the culinary art. Thanks a ton, Ammalu””Wonder why you thank ME if they praised YOU!”
”You know I believe in sharing all good things with you”
“OMG, I bow before that skill of your tongue in claiming credit for a merit which you didn’t deserve and partaking a portion of the credit to the one who alone deserves the whole”

”Ammalu, see whether you like this Kerala sari, with golden borders, I bought for you as my Onam gift”” Did you take Ammini with you for selecting the sari?”
“No, why?”
“Please take her and return this . What you have bought now is an 8 yards dothi with golden borders and not a sari. Ammini will cover up your blunder, more effectively than me.
For the first time, I am seeing a sheen on your face, Ammalu”

”Thanks for looking at my face for the first time”========================================================
“Soft-spoken women need not be always good-speaking wives, Ammalu”
“Soft-spoken men, if there are any, always are good-speaking husbands”

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  1. Staring the day by having a great laugh. Looking forward to more.

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