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Selective hearing

” Your hearing capacity is dwindling day by day and I’m tired of shouting.  Seek an appointment with our audiologist today and buy a pair of hearing aid.”
” Ammalu, Your mother has a long tongue and a short  farsight”
” That is how I landed here. Are you not going for the pensioners meet today?”
”You attend the wedding and pass on a small gift and plenty of my blessings to the couple. Pick up a five Rupee note from the god’s hundi, put in an colorful envelope and hand over without writing our name. I don’t want you to cheat the god by stealing his money. Drop a coin, not in circulation, before collecting the cash belonging to him.”
” I know from where to pick up the cash without any replacement. You have a dozen new clothes in the wardrobe. Discard this shirt which is almost of your age and dress up decently, at least when you go out”
”The King Dasarath had four sons and not three. You don’t have this basic information and want to talk on Ramayanam in your club meet !
”That Rakshasi, your ex-steno Asundari called twice last evening”
”Did she? Why didn’t you tell me yesterday itself. You are too possessive of me”
”I am more possessive of my money. No need to spend a fortune on hearing aids. Your ears are sharper than mine.”

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