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He should have opted for ocher robe long ago.

” Ammalu, I am not joking. I am fed up with my family life. I am leaving for sanyasam, today, now , just now”
”The ocher clothe sets are on the right drawer of my wardrobe”
” You have kept the robes ready? You are harsh and hasty to pack me off. When did you buy those, without my knowledge?”
”I didn’t buy; my mother gave me as a wedding gift”
‘What ? ocher robes as wedding guests ? What type of woman is she?”
”Practical. ‘Be prepared to fulfill every wish of your husband and every husband will desire to go for sanysam any day in their married life’ was her parting instruction.
“Like mom like daughter. But why two sets?”
”The second one is for me”
” Did your mom think that I am a fool to take you along with me for sanyasam?”
“No, when I go for sanyasam, you will follow me .’ Follow, he will’ said she.”
”I follow you here at home , I follow you there in the forest. Am I never a leader?”
‘You are;. ‘Good leaders always follow their wives’ said she.
“Come on, start now, just now.”
“Where, to forest?
“To your house. To hand over the ocher robes to your dad. He should have gone for the ocher robe long ago”
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