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Extra credits

Extra credits:
” The extra credit in my services to you today, will be carried forward tomorrow and I will  be as a free as bird tomorrow, Ammalu”
”Can you elaborate, please?”
” I collected the milk sachets from the bag hanging in the front door and kept in the fridge- that was my regular service”
“Agreed; extra service?”
“Removed two packets and emptied the contents in a vessel-that was my extra service”
”There are two more services to your credit- one, you  shut the fridge -door”
“True, how I forgot it to include in the list? OK, the next one?”
“Shuttling between the kitchen and bedroom to pacify the wailing kid, shuttling between the kitchen and washing area to instruct the servant maid, I found time to make hot coffee for you . You lifted the tumbler with great difficulty above your mouth, drank the coffee and handed over the empty tumbler to me for washing-that is the third serve you did for me this morning which also should be carried forwa

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