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"Love is antique,but ever fresh"

“Ammalu, happy valentine’s day””Enakku vaaleduppum illai, vaythu valiyum illai”
“You have carried enough load and I don’t say that you are carrying now,though you are capable of it. Valentine’s day is a special day for a man and woman to express their love for each other.”
“What love is there between us to express? Moreover love is not to be expressed but to be experienced. Love loses its charm when expressed.”
“But how will the other know if you don’t express that one loves him or her?.
“If the other knows only through expressions, he or she is not worth to be loved”.
“Ammalu, even animals express their love through their body language”
“Body language yes, but not through mouth”.
”Your ideas are antique, Ammalu”.
“Love is antique,but ever fresh”
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