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My head is reeling

“Aren’t you the father of our Kannan?”
“Our Kannan, who is that? Anyway, I don’t have a son by that name”
“No Sir, you are kidding. You are his father and I know that”
“How do you know?”
‘‘Don’t ask that question, I know that is all”
” As you are so certain, let me confirm from my wife. Ammalu, do we have a son by name Kannan?’
‘’Not to my knowledge.”
‘’What do you mean by that? Can we have a child without your knowledge?”
“Don’t ask that question. I know that we don’t have a son by name Kannan, not to my knowledge, that is all”
“Sir, I am again reiterating with full responsibility that you are the father of Kannan, that vagabond, good- for- nothing guy”
‘’Yes, I am I am”
‘‘How is it that now you have now realized that you are Kanna’s father ?”
‘‘It is better to tolerate a good-for-nothing son than answer an erroneously emphatic idiot or an irresponsibly talking wife, that is all”
“That is all, my doubt is cleared now,Sir.”
“But my doubt hasn’t. Do I really have a son by name Kannan?”

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