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A VVIP husband

“Ammalu, is this the way to treat a VVIP ?”
”What  ‘P’ is that ?  And who is that ‘P’, whom I mistreated ?. I know only one ‘p’, that is ‘kaappy’ and I have never disrespected that ‘p’.
“I am the VVIP and you have not stood up when I entered the house. ”
“You are not. You are my husband and I will never allow you to become anything else. And how do you expect me to get up every time, you come in , with my arthritic legs?”
“Ammalu, to be frank, I myself do not know the meaning of VVIP but that was how I was introduced to the vast crowd, by my party leader, when I was greeted on the dais, for joining the political party”
“You have joined a political party and the party leader introduced you as VVIP ? Now I am getting up on my legs, for action. Please come out of that party immediately.”
‘Why Ammalu?”
“VVIP could be the short form of very,very intelligent person, which I don’t want you to be.”
“Oh, that is the reason why he garlanded me. Be proud of my intelligence, Ammalu’
”No wife will be proud of a very, very intelligent husband. She knows that he will outsmart her one day . It is more than enough if you remain as an average intelligent and affectionate husband which you are now”
“What about my party leader?”
“His wife will take care of him, you don’t worry”

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