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"You are not a satellite and I am not a sun"

“I will be going out of your orbit, in another few minutes, Ammalu”
“I will be out of your influence, shortly.”
”Your Astrologer friend Goplan Nair said so, right?”
“Yes. Another accurate prediction of the day!  He said that I will be out of Rahu, Kethu and Ammalu’s apaharams shortly for my good.”
” It is high time that he refurbishes his astrology specifically and his brain in general. Did he say, when you came into my orbit?”
“From the day of our marriage, I have been spinning around you, he says.”
”And you believe?”
”Astrology never goes wrong.”
”But astrologers do. Hear me, please. I came out of Ammini’s ‘apaharam’, the old- ladies’ club, which serves only her needs and not of any woman old or young. She has immediately scribbled in a paper what her husband should tell you. Like you, Gopalan Nair too hardly think or say anything on his own. It is OK. The truth is that  you have never been spinning around me, because you are not a satellite and I am not a sun. You have been only moving parallel to me”.
”Aren’t you worried about that?”
“Not at all. You can tell this directly to Ammini if that will make her blood pressure  raise by a few mm . And also tell her that as long as you are there, anywhere near me, need not be on the same line or in an orbit, my breath is safe.”

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