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Certain discoveries are to be kept secret

”Our first night was a real FIRST NIGHT, Ammalu. I am really excited. For the first time I loved a girl. I came in contact with a girl. I haven’t touched a girl so far.The first touch, the first love ah, ah, no word to express. Thanks my dear.”
”I too am excited. I’ll NEVER forget last night in my life. Ammu, bring that bundle I gave you yesterday’
” Why that wretched servant maid while we celebrate a unique festival together. Oh, you are getting my favorite sweet laddu?”
”Ammu, bring a match box too”
”Why match box along with laddu? Oh, it is not laddu, it is a cake and you are asking Ammu for the match box to light the candle. Intelligent girl, you are, a unique intelligent girl”
”I am an idiot, that was why I married you. Ammu is here with the bundle, I gathered from your cupboard yesterday. Here is the match box. Set to fire  these stupid love letters from your girl friends. NOW. Or I am quitting. Decide whether you want this bundle of nasty, dirty, filthy papers or me”
” Ammalu, you can read English?”
”I can’t ; Ammu read it for me”
” Give her a hundred rupee note. We should reward her for her hard-earned literacy”
“I will take care of that part. She won’t tell any one else about this discovery. Certain discoveries are to be kept secret”
‘You are really a wise girl, Ammalu. Certain discoveries are to be kept secret”
Jan 27, 2013

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