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'Our rocket is already on the orbit now'

“Dad, you here, in a movie theater, that too without mom?”
”Son, you here, that too with a lovely girl?”
” we had some intricate problems to solve in rocket science, Dad.. Came to find a solution from the hi-tech propellant techniques used in stone throwing in a public agitation presented in the movie.. Bye the by dad, this is Manju, my class mate. Manju, my dad.”
”Glad to meet you Manju, daughter of  Murali and Madhu, living in street no.5, near the bridge”
“You know Manjus’ parents, dad?””
” I had been to their house this morning, to hand over your wedding invite”
”My wedding invite, dad, are you joking? I love Manju and I can’t think of another girl, even in my dream.”
‘You are going to marry Manju, my son. Mom and me had a detailed discussion with Manju’s parents and printed the invite card with their approval. See whether you like the card.”
” Dad, marriages are not decided in the speed of light. I need time. ”
”Manju, you too need time?”
”No uncle, I have no time to wait for. Please distribute the cards”
”Manju, are you mad? How can we marry now ? Postpone at least up to the end of the year, when our results will be out”
” The result will be out before that. Am I right, Manju?”
”You are, uncle, in another eight months.”
“I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I want to go home and relax.”
”What about the rocket science, my son? Watch the movie, find a solution and come home ”
” Thousand rockets are soaring in my head, Dad.”
” What do you say, Manju ?”
”You have already found a solution to our intricate problem and we need not watch the movie. Our rocket is already on the orbit now. Let us go home . Aunty will be waiting anxiously “

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