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Let me celebrate my birthday,which happens to be today.

“” Do you  remember my date of birth ?  No. My birth star ?  No.  The name of my school or any such details about me or about my parents or siblings ? No.  But, even in your sleep, you can accurately recollect the names of the girls who were with you in your school and college days !
May I know Sir, the secret of this selective memory?”
” My father used to say that what you learn at sunrise, always remains in mind. My association with the school girls was during the ascendance of my Sun.””But our relationship started when your Sun was at its peak !”
” You have answered  your query. Then onwards, my Sun is in a descending state”
”Then you go with any of your school mates; let us see whether your Sun re-ascends .”
“Ammalu, you are my Sun, my Moon, my stars and my Sky.”
” I like that poetry. But tell me what is my date of birth?”
”Ammalu, the heavenly bodies have no dates of birth. They shine for ever.”
“I am so proud of you ; Let me make some hot kaapi and share with you to celebrate my birth day, which happens to be today, adding your  romantic flattery to flavor the kappi.”
Jan 25, 2013
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