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Unexpected enjoyment.

” Why delay? The boy and girl have met . You too have met her parents and discussed. Go ahead and distribute the invites “”There is a minor problem. That old man’s demand is more than what I expected”
” How much dowry does he want?”
” Two lacs. I am prepared for 1.5″
” His demand is quite reasonable. That is the market rate now for a groom”
” The girl doesn’t want to live with us”
”Which girl wants to live with her in laws, these days?”
”She doesn’t want to leave their aged parents alone”‘

‘What a compassion !”
”She wants them to live with us”
“Let them. After all, they will be your relatives and company of elders is enjoyable”
“She wants us to meet her household expenses including  house rent and  car maintenance etc.”
”Your money goes to your son and his family only. For whom else have you saved?”
“True, true” “Then why delay ? Shall I book the hall ?”
”Guess you can do it, but don’t engage a photographer”
“Wonder why. These days weddings and upanayanams are taking place only for the photo albums and videos”” Give me your ears;  She doesn’t want to be photographed along with my son, as her friends expected her to marry a more handsome man.”
“Sit closer; The above conditions were from the girl, your son is marrying soon. He is scared to tell you and wanted you to know through me. My son is already married. Enjoy the company of an old couple !
Jan 13, 2013
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