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A shameless husband

” How long are you going to sit in a corner weeping for your wife? She is not going to come back”‘
”I know that . That is why I am weeping. Who will wake me up, every morning from now on,  with a cup of freshly roasted and pounded and just made hot coffee, in her hand , from now on?”
” Cho, cho, poor kuppu. How you miss her!”
‘Who will wait at the door of my bath room with  tooth brush, paste, soap and bath towel every morning, from now on?”
” I share your agony, but has no words to console you, Kuppu.”‘
”Who will wait at the dining table with hot favorite, tasty food, and see me off to the office, with my lunch box and when I return, remove my sox and shoes ?”
“And, during those nights when I return home late, wait for me at the dining table, with sleepy eyes and empty stomach and  press my legs when I hit the bed, till I slip into sleep?”
” You are my friend and I want to help you. If I get a woman to do all the above jobs for you, will you be happy ? ”
“Indeed.  When will you come with that woman?”‘

Jan  19, 2013
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