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Where to look for the meaning and spelling of words.

‘The umbrella you purchased yesterday, has more holes than the stars in the night sky, Ammalu.”

” But that was the simile flashed by the shop fellow when I handed over him the currency note, I had picked from your shirt pocket !”
” Wonder why you women are interested in searching my shirt pocket. My steno Sundari also does it. I guess that, it is she who would have replaced my bank-fresh note with her dented and dilapidated one.”
”What business has that Asundari to meddle with your shirt pocket?”
“Searching for meaning and spelling of words, Ammalu. Perfectness is her professional aim.”
”Here is the balance amount after buying the umbrella. Ask her to buy an Oxford Dictionary; that is the place to look for meaning and spelling of words. ”
“And her professional perfectness?”
”I will take care of that part, when I meet her”.

Jan 13, 2013
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