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Too many claims

” Doctor Mohan, I am in a padma vyooham now. Come immediately and save me, please”
” I’m busy enjoying an ice cream cone with my girl friend. What happened Doctor ?”
” I sliced a skull. Don’t know how to seal it .”
“So, it is your patient in the padmavyooham, not you. Call nurse Mary”
“She doesn’t want to go near the patient. It seems the guy on the table is her husband”
“Call Juliet, then.”
” She too claims that the patient is her husband. ‘the devil deserves a doctor like you’, she chides me.
” I’ll be there in another 5 minutes, Dr. We should save him, somehow. See in the meantime that no more woman come out, claiming the patient.  With the hospital’s limited resources, we have no money to settle  many claims. Oh, my ice cream has melted and slipped.”
“Hope your girl friend also has slipped away”.
“You are right, doctor. She is not here. But how did you know that?”
” She is here claiming that the patient is her husband”
Dec 22, 2012

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