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A favour earned

“Patti ( grand ma), respecting your age and good deeds, I have already allowed you ten minutes extension and if you don’t follow me instantly, I will have to throw my rope bundle and pull you by neck”.  The lord of death issued the final warning.
“Another 5 minutes, please ” the good old lady pleaded, “let me complete the task on hand”
“What noble cause this worthy woman is anxious to complete !” wondered Dharma Raja and unable to contain his anxiety, peeped through the window.
Patti, the grand ma, was polishing her nails !
“At 95, this woman sits on the floor, stretching her limbs, bends her body and prunes and polishes her nail !” He could not contain his surprise.
Yes, you guessed right. He gave her 20 minutes.
Dec 19, 2012

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