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They will never let you down

They will never let you down, never!

I have high hopes on the youngsters not only those from my family but on all, more so in the foreign settlers, to protect the culture they have inherited. 

They are intelligent and therefore analyze the old practices and absorb the best and most practical ones.  Don’t blame them if they, while taking out their vehicle, don’t look for  a cow with calf or a bull with a nose thread; those do not exist on the roads here! While driving their cars at 60/70 miles-speed they may or may not be hearing Bajagovindam or whisper some stotrams  learned in childhood, but will never bear any bad thoughts harmful to others. 

They may not be applying vibhoothi on their body every morning or visit temples regularly or do so only to please their wives. Doesn’t matter. God lives in their heart as they are honest and doesn’t hurt others feelings .

They may even , on their own, request us to help them to wear a new poonal or sacred thread on Avani aviitam, (in the absence of any threads on their body to replace with a new one! ) . It is Ok, the absence of external threads on their body are not that important as the internal threads of spirituality and sincerity are strong in them.

The happiest day in my life was when my sons agreed, on their marriage day, to wear conventional dress and strictly follow the conventions. I knew it was due to their lessons in cradles when they woke up hearing the gantanAdam, bell sound of my Shivapoojas. 

Be assured that if you had planted a Tulasi in their mind during childhood, it will spread fragrance inside them for ever. 

Ignite your children’s mind with our samskarams and that Deepam will shine in them brightening their thoughts and life. They will face their hard days boldly 

The first question I ask every person from India, who visit us is, ‘do you teach your kids, your mother tongue?’



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