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Parents’ complaints

A friend has a complaint; 

‘My son used to come running towards me the moment he heard my scooter sound on my returning from work, every evening. Now he doesn’t bother even to come to my room after he returns  from work. See how time has changed!’ 

Many parents have the complaint that, in terms of care and love , they don’t receive even a percent of what they gave to their children when they were young. 

They forget their sons and daughters are no more children They have grown up now and that exactly was what the parents wanted!

During their childhood their world was a small circle or a small square limited to their home, toys and playmates. The parents took care of all the needs of the kids. Now they

have many masters to serve, many responsibilities to carry on and many plans to be prepared and executed. We too had all these  burdens but our load was much less compared to that of the present generation. 

We could sit under a tree and 

chit chat and relax. 

The present boys and girls  have no time to breath! 

Still the majority of the present generation love their parents and serve them.

Parents, by comparing their young days with the behavior of their grown up children, are only making their life miserable.

In the picture I stand before the institute where I served


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