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A catapulted kick

‘God came in my dream and said that in my last birth, I was a cowherd and you, Ammalu, one of many cows under my control’

‘God came in my dream too and said that in my next many births, I will be a political speaker and you a mike, standing before me, head bent, hearing patiently whatever I say. That is a small punishment for you for your non stop talks dumped on me, all these years’

‘God didn’t mention about your past?’

‘He did. You didn’t hear the last part of what He told you or you concealed it from me. I turned into a bull and chased all the other cows who ran hither and thither to escape from my torture and in my catapulted action, you landed in Baltimore’

‘If God told you so, it can’t be false. Did he tell you how I become a Mahamuni?

‘He did. The kick of a cow turned into a bull are so fierce that anyone so catapulted will become a sada, or ordinary Muni. Mine was a double kick and therefore you turned into a Mahamuni’

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