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Happy journey, Srikanth

Happy journey back to Baltimore, my son Srikanth.

Had you not escorted me back to India, despite your busy schedule, keeping a watch of my every foot-movement, it would have been a nightmare for me, though I boasted to Megh that I’m fit to join the Mansarovar Yatries.

Without taking rest for a day, soon after coming home, you cleared the mess our house was in and reset and made it fit to live with all comforts. You made even arrangements with your friends for our emergency support. Recall the message of one of your college mates-‘let your dad give a ring. I have a Vanarasena at Habsiguda who will reach in no time for his help’
Tell Atchuth that it was good that he bought the air ticket ignoring my threat that I would travel ‘kallavandi’ (ticketkess) , had you guys were not prepared to sent me back to India.

Tell your siblings that I’m so relaxed and comfortable in Anantha Jyothy that I have started busy solving Sudoko as well as the family quarrels of neighbors.

A word to Aparna. Ideal ambience for practicing my singing here. When I sang a Bhairavi in uchsthai, Vicha thought I was practicing a new mouth exercise to heal my knee pain. His hearing aids are indeed in good health.

Have real fun here and Appa is enjoying Habsiguda life and Vicha’s company multiplies the joy.

All the best my children!

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