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Habsiguda life is amazing

‘Mee intilu pedda pamotchinthi’ – a big snake was seen in your house, complained my neighbor, the day I returned from USA. I was not surprised, as I could see the premises looked so bushy and messy. She also mentioned that the fat lady, with cell phone in her hand always was separated from her drunkard husband. That was a surprise for me, as she was the mother of two grown up boys. A too -late divorce, I thought.

The next morning, when I came out, a lady wished me and enquired about my welfare. I looked at her face, then at her center portion, when she exclaimed,
‘Eami sar maritchupoyara.?’ You forgot me.? I used to collect flowers for pooja every morning from your garden before you wake up’

‘sorry madam, you have totally changed for better. You look now slim and young too; hence I could not recognize you’ . She was full of smiles not only on the face but on the central and lower portion too.

‘Happy that you continue to be here as my neighbor pleasing your gods with the flowers from my garden. Was sad when I was told that you were separated from your husband’.

Was it correct on my part to have mentioned about her separation?’ I worried.

But she was all in smiles, not only on the face —-——

And her reply was exhilarating.

‘Ettilanadi, how can I leave such a loving husband, though he has some minor vices, unworthy of his age and official position. What is wrong if he drinks a peg of whisky after a day’s hard work? What is wrong if he gives me a kick or two as I’m his own and only wife? I call it love! I will never leave my husband. Did Mandodari discard Ravana ? ‘

I kept quiet. When women talk in terms of love of their husband, I keep mum.

But, at the same time, I wondered why the first lady gave me a wrong information. I called her( I have the contact number of all good ladies in the neighborhood)

‘Doctor, your information about the boozer neighbor’s wife was wrong. I saw her a few minutes ago before her house ‘

‘Subramaniam garu, she showed me yesterday a copy of her divorce papers and said she would never look at her husband’s face again . What happened at night, I don’t know’

‘I know what happened at night, Doctor, love, pure love’. As a marriage expert, I gave my valuable opinion.

‘Lovuu lethu, kuvvu lethu. Pension Sir, Pension’, She was categorical in her statement.
‘Her husband will retire in a few months and will be eligible for a huge amount as retirement benefits and his monthly pension too will be good. And due to his vices, if the call from the Top takes place soon, the lady will be eligible for a family pension, which too will be attractive. Having tolerated him all these years, why lose him now along with many benefits, she would have thought and decided not to proceed with the divorce case. I know ladies’ mind much better than you’.

I didn’t say a word!

Habsiguda life is amazing, indeed.!

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