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On a stroll in a winter evening


On a stroll, with kids in a winter evening

The sky got crowded with dark clouds

Drizzling started, the wind whistled loud,

Shreya enjoyed its sound and speed.

Seeing her hairs and frock frills rocking

‘How, this?,  she asked.

‘The wind God’s hands,’ I replied.

‘God’s hands, where?,’ she asked

I smiled and she smiled!

Fearing the biting cold, a small plant

Hiding in a corner of our shrine

Was shifted this morning to outside shine

And its instant smile was bewitching.

‘You, away from God, but smile?’

I asked the little plant.

‘I may be away from God 

But not God , from me’

‘God, where?’, I asked, ‘look up there’,

She said,’in the sky!’

‘Then, who’s inside?’, my next question.

‘God has sides?’, an innocent query.

I smiled and she smiled. 



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