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Total body enhancement

‘Ammalu, the Yoga instructor in the Gym, has a simple solution, for my TBE- Total Body Enhancement . He says:

“Wearing a fresh mango leave to cover Brahmasthan, lie on a fresh grass mat and ask your wife to apply fresh KottanchukkAdi thailam on the upper part of your body and fresh Pinda thailam on your lower part. Ask her to massage till you go to sleep. In 41 days, you will have TBE’

‘Sorry, SP, if necessary, I’m prepared to go to Pakisthan but never near your BrahmasthAN or MoolasthAn..Moreover, what you need is a brain dry cleaning as your body is already enhancing on its own,  above the ground level, while walking’


‘I’m happy Ammalu that you’re an intelligent old woman though an illiterate ‘

‘How exactly opposite to you, am I, in every respect, SP!’

‘So, you are saying that I’m not intelligent, Ammalu? That is nothing but arrogance in its absolute form’

‘Ok. I’m solute. In Chemistry, a solute is a substance dissolved in another substance, known as a solvent. And you ‘re that solvent. Once I’m dissolved in you, we don’t have separate identities. Agreed?. All of us should ultimately dissolve in the Absolute, completely merge with it, and lose our individual identity. That is Sayujyam. Is it clear now, my dear husband?’

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