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A few words on words

Smiles vaporize soon,
Sorrows stay at the bottom.
God, let me not be the cause of sorrow
For anyone, anywhere.

Sharper than razor blade edges
A single word can slice into peaces
A heart, a family or burn a city
Totally, with no pity!

Words are not mere alphabets
Arranged in an order
They build, destroy,
Unite, divide.
Words can build a home
Why, even a mighty Rome!

Let my words be
Like fresh rain drops from a clean sky
Cool, rejuvenate, refresh
A parched land or a torched life!

Let my words soothe wounds
Or show way in a dark kitchen
To help a mother to ignite her stove
Cook food and feed her children.

Mother Saraswathy!
Stay on my tongue
Release good words
Restrain bad words.



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