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I’m thine.

I’m thine!

My wine glass will be empty soon
No worry, it can be refilled.
But, when my mind gets empty,
When my life becomes dull and deprived
God, fill with the nectar of your love
Again and again
Till it’s essence gets absorbed in my blood.

Many thoughts
Often clutter and clash
Dent and deprive oxygen,
In my inner chamber
Let your Garuda with a big beak
Destroy those dirty bleak
Rats, rodents and roaches .

My regrets, pains and worries
Stagnated in the sub layers
Be sucked by your mighty Serpent Anantha.
With thousand heads, thousand mouths.

And will you my Lord,
Convert my body to sand and pebbles
On the shore of the Milk ocean
Where you stay?
Who knows that some kind waves
Or breeze or even a storm
Won’t lift a few granules of mine
And place at your feet
For a few minutes
Or a few seconds?

And Mother Ganges flowing from your feet
Will sanctify me and take down to the sea
Or not a big job for the mighty waves
To wash me off from your feet.

Anantha Padmanabha, till then
Fill my cup with wine
Of thoughts that you’re mine, IMG_6696
And I’m thine !!



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