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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, you booked only two tickets for the movie?

‘Why, you have gifted me a son or daughter after your sixtieth birthday?’

‘Be serious, Ammalu. Ammini wanted to join us’

‘SP, if Ammini wants to go for movie, she will go with her husband, son or daughter or son in law or daughter in law or with a friend, who is much younger than you. She knows my movie program and didn’t say she want to accompany us.
If you, on your own, want to take her, make her to sit on your lap . I am not going to buy a ticket for her ‘


‘Ammalu, please try to understand that I’m the owner of this house. This house belongs to me. I bought this house in my name. No one else has any right in this house’

‘Four unnecessary sentences conveying a wrong message’

‘What do you mean? This house doesn’t belong to me?’

‘If this house belongs to you, our kitchen too belongs to you?’


‘Exactly. So, from this moment onwards, you are taking charge of the kitchen and cook for us. Remember four sentences you used to say that this house belongs to you and you confurmed that  the kitchen is a part of the house’



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