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Ammalu is always right

‘My dream wife was endowed with at least 10% of my talents in poetry, music, oratory, acting, writing etc but what I got was a semi literate. No meaning in getting irritated in my observation, Ammalu, but write one line in English, if you can. Just one line ‘

‘Give me your iPad, please’

‘IPad? Don’t use it as a dosa pan! Here it is’

”SP, my hubby, you were my fan
Ere you wedded this dosa pan..
Now your IQ is a big Q,
Intelligence an inverted U,
Your maths is a big circle,
Chemistry a mystery,
Your English is on long lease
Tongue needs coats of grease.

English I can’t write, you say
But I can write off and throw away
Your Ammini like a peanut cover
Your Pattu like a sickly flavor,
Ammu like a pumpkin seed
And Syamu like a thorny weed.

You may grumble, but you won’t be out
For you punishment, an hour sit -out
SP, my poem you can make out?
If so, take a print out, frame
Hang on our your bed room wall
And fume!

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