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The mango seeds in a mount of garbage


Did you see it, did you?
Someone threw away a mango seed
After sucking its sweet pulp and juice..
It fell on a garbage mount.

Cows and goats, kicked the seed,
Pushed it down; there it rotted,
Wept for days; none heard.

A mango seed is not a human baby
Whose cry will be attended,
Nor a patient in a clinic
Whose grumble will be answered
Not even a pet puppy
Whose whine will be heard.
A seed in a nasty waste heap
Nobody bothers.

Wrong, wrong you are!
There is a sky above us,
Above every thing,
Above the garbage hill
Above the Gangajel
Above me, above you!
And that sky heard the seed’s cry
And from the Sky came a god
In a golden chariot,
Driven by seven green horses
Went deep into the junk hill
Hugged the dry seed!

Can you imagine
The Light of all lights,
The heaven’s light
Hugging a dry mango seed
And giving it life!

Yes, the God gave the seed
Life and made it into a plant
The plant grew, came out a big tree
The tree yielded fruits,
Men ate the fruits
And threw again the seeds
Some fell into the garbage hill!

The sky was not angry
The sun was not angry
The Earth was not angry
And the Sun came down
Hugged the seeds
Down below the junk hill
And gave them a thrill!

‘Excited, we’re’, the seeds said,
‘You made us useful.
We’ll grow as trees
And give fruits to men!
Thankful to you, ever!
Our life – giver!’

The Sun God said,
Hugging the seeds again
‘Thank men, not me,
For not eating
But trashing you.
Eating would have been
The ending for you
And for your species!’

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