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Stay strong, serve the world long

Three days and three nights
The sky bombarded the Earth
With downpours; each drop
Huge like an elephant tusk

When the sky regained its calm
The Sun came out in a hurry
Tearing apart the veils of clouds
Rushed to hug the Earth

There was, in a corner
An old pond
And a small lotus in it
The Sun didn’t fail
To notice a single drop
Of water on the lotus leaf
He rushed there.
In a moment
Changed the tiny drop
To a diamond !

Noticing a seed longing for his meet
The Sun touched and gave it life
‘Thought, you would come to me first’
Complained the seed.

The Light of all the lights said:
‘In a short while ,
the water drop will turn into vapors
And join the sky.
Let her enjoy her status
For a few minutes and go.

You are a seed holding a huge tree
In your stomach
Stay strong,
Serve the world long’

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