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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, a food this? You call this a food?’

‘What happened, you don’t like it?’

‘Not at all. Ammalu, this is not a food for big people, like me. Fit for cattle’

‘I too won’t like it then. I don’t want to eat cattle food.
I’m going to Appaiyer hotel’

‘Are you mad, to waste money in hotel food?’

‘If I don’t like the home food, what else do I do? You don’t want me to eat cattle food!’

‘You have not even tasted the food you made. How do you say that you don’t like it it?’

‘Your like is my like; your dislike is my dislike . No need to taste’

‘Ammalu, I’m so proud of you. How can I reject the food made by your affectionate hands. It is not ordinary food. It is Amritham, nectar for me’

‘Thank you. Say ‘Devamritham- nectar of Gods’

‘But, I’m not a god’

‘You’re my God!’


‘Say again. What food is this?’

‘Devamritham, Devamritham’

‘Thrice was too much. Once would have been enough’

Cartoon courtesy. My cousin Ramki of Chennai



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