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Thought sparkles


All the animals in the forest are hiding within us, only to urface under different situations.
We hold a forest within us !

Every strike on the surface of a percussion instrument, gives out a sound.
Every sin one commits too delivers a punishment.
The sound vanishes. The sin doesn’t. it will follow the sinner.

For 80% of your problems, there are solutions, if you work out.
The rest, leaving to  Destiny, you can feel free from the load.

Once, twice you can turn your face against your wife. Don’t make it a practice. She will show her back to you


Better to be brief and to the point when you are taking to your newly wed wife. It is a difficult job but will be long term tax saver for you.


One, two, three, four— is counted faster than ten, nine, eight, seven —,
That is the only occasion when going up is faster than climbing down!

Give me strength God, not to fight a war, but just to keep me moving . And moving, I should . Every one should be able to move.
The Earth moves, The Sun moves, the planets move.


The problem with problems is, none can escape from their grip, big or small, rich or poor.
The plus point is , invariably there are solution/s for all problems
and what is needed is knowledge, skill and luck to solve those.

Face those on ‘as is where is ‘ basis, don’t worry over , don’t lose heart and smile for a while. The success is yours.

And remember, there is none with no problems. I have my own problems, though there is absolutely no cause for me to have problems. I have hairs on my head- no problem. But those with no hair on head have also problems as head load.


Eat only if you should, talk only if you should, write only if you should but walk, as much as you can and drink water liberally.


What we get, often, is not what we want or what we ask for. Not in our hands.
But making the best use of what we got, (including discarding it, if what we got is bad for us and others) , is the correct attitude.
It also happens that we get exactly what we want but either we misuse it or dumb in a dust bin. It could be your life, it could be your wife or it could be even a great thought.


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