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Her thoughts have only one direction


Like waving a toffee box before a kid
And asking him to shut his mouth
Heavy downpour last night,
Now, heat returned in full might.

‘Why a/c for me?’,
I asked my son, long back.
‘You need it dad’, he said.
Not me, my children know what I need!

‘Why a new birth for me?’
I asked my Master above.
‘You need it !’, He smiled
Me to Earth, He mailed.
Not me, my Master knew what I need .

He didn’t push me down,
Lodged me in my mom’s chamber
A safe pool where I swam
Don’t remember cool or warm.

AC or non AC, take things easy.
But climate has a say
In moulding our life,
Climate in and climate outside.

Provide a good climate
For the children to grow
With your words, deeds and behavior
Akin to their mom’s inner chamber!

Puritan love is the AC there in.
Positive compassion the PC
No ‘I’ nor ‘me’, in mom’s affection
Her thoughts have only one direction.
With no iPad and no iPhone
She sees your face and hears your voice
As you were her part then
And even now.

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