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Before I touched, the chariot moved.


Men of muscles and mighty elephants
Pushed the chariot in full force.
‘Dwarakadeesh!’, cried the crowd,
But, not an inch, the chariot moved.

Seven elephants from the worlds above
And seven from below,
All mighty, majestic tuskers,
Came dashing, all together
Pushed the chariot with great force
Their trumpets trembled the mountains
Their foot beats crumbled the earth,
‘Dwarakaadeesh!’, cried the crowd.
But, not an inch the chariot moved.

Startled by the shocking news
Yeshodha came, Nanda came,
Gopis came, came the entire gokulam
‘Hei, Gopala, hei Govinda!’
All cried and pushed and pushed
But, not an inch the chariot moved.

‘Call Devaki mAta’!, shouted someone
Devaki came with Vasudeva,
Her eyes swollen like a monsoon cloud
Her hands shivering like a winter leaf,
She went near, to push the cart
But before her hand, a tear drop
Touched the chariot, it rolled and rolled
The crowd cheered and cheered.

‘Wah, you did it!’, cried Yasodha.
‘Not me, my dreams’, said Devakii
‘From the night I lost my baby
I longed and longed to rock his cradle
Just once and even today
Before I touched , the chariot moved’

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