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Chirakodinja pakshikal – birds with broken wings

Youth is the ideal time for building up a strong future. If that golden period is wasted by spending in building castles in air, imaginary castles above the ground, that loss is irreparable. I saw just now an young friend lamenting, ‘chirakodinja swapnamgal’- means dreams with broken wings. I’m his well-wisher and feel sorry for him. He should not dream such fragile winged birds. He should look for GarudAs of golden wings If such bird is not available in the market, he should create his own Garuda. If that is available with only Vishnu, he should pray and obtain from him. If the god is not obliging he should fight with the god and capture the bird. The youth is the time for that. To fight with gods if necessary and obtain one ‘s wishes. Many in our heritage have done it.

Old age is the ideal time to do things that could not be done but one would like to do. It may be learning, working or simply helping others or even relaxing doing nothing by enjoying one’s own time. If one has forgotten to live his life for himself earlier, old age is the ideal time, no, only time.

I saw just now an old man lamenting that he could nor record any songs for the past one week, as he was busy in the kitchen and with other household activities. I tell him the activities he is involved now is equally important. No one is waiting in que to buy entry ticket for hearing his songs, but there is someone looking towards the kitchen to see when food moves to the dining table.

‘Do whatever you can, but do it well’, I consoled him.

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